Monday, April 27, 2009


This year's RCL camp was a great success. Our recently elected representatives left for the RCL ‘headquarters’ in Yzerfontein on the 27th February in very high spirits.

The RCL body comprises the following energetic and dedicated learners; Keshni Govender, Miguel Inocentes, Emma Le Chat, Stephen Hagglund, Danielle van Duyn, Nick Arlotti, Kyle Horn, Georgia Brisco, Fabienne Arlotti, Nick Preen, Nicola Soekoe, Kyle Maree, Sokhana Dyusha, Dexter Tangocci and Charlotte Saunders.
Together with their teachers, Mr. Cunliffe and Mrs. Cronje, all members arrived safely at ‘headquarters’ due to the skilful driving of Mr Vic van Heerden.

The weekend began with many fun filled but educational team building games and leadership courses. We all got to know each other very well and spent the first night playing ’30 seconds’ and the ‘animal’ game. A late night stroll on the beach added to the camaraderie. The next day we woke early and went to the beach for an early morning swim. On our return we were ready to plan the year ahead. Our Saturday morning planning session was very fruitful.

The team has come up with some amazing ideas, which cannot at this stage be divulged until our assembly on the 16th March. The team was so dedicated to their tasks, that even during their free time, they continued with planning and discussions.
Saturday afternoon found us ready to vote for our chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and other project coordinators. This too cannot be divulged yet.

All in all the weekend was very successful. Our team is very dedicated and is ready to tackle the year ahead with gusto. Many thanks to Mr. Cunliffe and Mrs. Cronje for their guidance and assistance and also for Mrs. Cronje’s amazing cooking.

View photos of the camp HERE