Thursday, May 28, 2009


The RCL have been keeping busy with a number of new ideas in the pipeline, recycling collection (which is going well – with Red and Orange in the lead) and have also recently launched our mini project for this term. We have decided to take on something small as the term is already jam-packed with exams, being less than a week away.

This project involves buying a new microwave for the school as the previous one has 'given up'! The way in which we are raising money for this project, is by every single learner in the school bringing R1 each. This way the amount raised should be between R500 – R600, possibly more if teachers contribute offering more than enough money for a brand new microwave. This was launched in Monday's Assembly (25 May).

Two leaders from the RCL, Nicole Soekoe and Charotte Saunders, along with two prefects, Kate McKay and Dineo Mklalo, attended the Students Representative Council Leadership Forum at Springfield on Tuesday 5 May. Accompanied by Mr Cunliffe, we, along with 200 other learners, attended this forum as the youth and future leaders of South Africa. Schools such as Bishops, Sacs, Rustenberg, Herschel and Westerford attended the forum – all for one reason:
To discuss and motivate topics we feel everyone is either directly or indirectly affected by and to compile a declaration to be sent to Youth parliament, for possible solutions to these problems.

Some of the very many topics covered were, injustices of our past, the privileged versus underprivileged, social ills such as crime, violence, poverty and corruption as well as community upliftment projects. many different opinions and thought provoking topics were covered, with Camps Bay having a great deal of input into discussions and having some great feedback from Premier Helen Zille, who initially introduced the forum.

Followed by hours of brainstorming and discussion was free Kauai, which we took full advantage of.

The forum had ended by 10pm and our Youth Declaration was compiled. it has now been sent to Youth Parliament and we await feedback on how our ideas compiled, will be carried forward.

This Leadership Forum was a great learning experience for all four of us learners but certainly would not have been possible without Mrs Cronje and Mr Cunliffe.

So, keep logging on and tuning up for updates on the RCL and good luck to Camps Bay High School pupils for the exams, just around the corner!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The next up and coming Interhouse Event is our Choir Competition. Each house has to choose their own song and surprise the school with their choice. This promises to be a very entertaining as well as exciting event. Update will follow soon.


This year, CBHS was once again treated with the very best of our students' drama abilities when it was the annual Interhouse Play competition. This year's theme was TIME. Each house got together to direct, write, act and put together their own lay. All the plays were of exceptional standards living up to the Camps Bay name. It was very evenly contested which made the judges' decision difficult. Blue House won the second year running and once again displayed their dramatics talents winning Best Play, actor and actress.


Best Director: CLEO RAATUS
Best Supporting Actor: KOBUS ELS
Best Supporting Actress: Sim Dyusnd
Best Script: RED HOUSE

View the photos of the plays HERE


Our first set of exams starts Monday 1 June and I am hoping that all pupils have started their preparation and revising in response to this important deadline. I wish everyone good luck, especially to the Matrics of 2009 with their school career drawing to a near end.


Those of you who are on our Rugby and Hockey fields regularly will notice that there is a large sign painting on the wall behind the rugby poles. This sign contains our school badge with writing around it saying "Welcome to Kudu Park" – "CBHS". This sign was organised by the Prefects of CBHS and was implemented to raise the school spirit which definitely proved itself at the Westerford Derby Day.

It is also there to show and tell the students aobut some history of our school and the reasons our "A" field is known as Kudu Park.


The actual "Kudu" Mascot, organised by this year's RCL, was launched in Friday, 8th May's Assembly. There was a documentary made b a group of Matrics. This is what was documented explaining to the pupils the story behind the "Kudu". This is how it goes:

It was a misty day in early autumn in the year 1998 when far in the distance we suddenly became aware of a creature in the distance mist, approaching our school from inside the Glen Forest. As the mist began to rise, we beheld this beautiful sight of Earnie the Kudu, who had made its way from Rhodes Nature Reserve, cleared the fences there and escaped down to the forest, into the Glen, leapt over the fence onto our school, probably because he loved the lawn and was in search for a beautiful wife. We were very concerned about Earnie's safety as we feared he might jump onto the main road. We called in the Parks and Forest Nature Conservationists who came in to dart Earnie and take him back to his home.As the anesthetic kicked in, Earnie was found in a ditch sleeping, but to heavy to be moved. A second dart was shot to resurrect Earnie. As he awoke, he ran up the Glen towards Kloofnek Road and a third dart was shot at Earnie but unfortunately this proved too much. Earnie sadly died after that, which is a great tragedy as he was a beautiful beast and his spirit will forever linger on the Camps Bay High sports field. This is the story which set about our Camps Bay High School "Kudu" mascot.


As most of you know, Camps Bay High School [CBHS] hosted the big local Derby Day against Westerford High on Saturday the 9th of May. The day started off very successfully on CBHS's behalf with our U14A rugby team kicking off theirr rugby season with a 17 – 11 win over Westerford, most of the young CBHS U14's playing for their first time. The day progressed onward on the sports fields with Hockey and Netball taking place. CBHS showed off their own brand new mascot, Ernie the Kudu, which took on Vukani the Bear from Westerford! As the crowd waited in anticipation for the first team rugby boys to kick off their encounter, the cries of 'Oh when the Bay' echoed into the big rivals' ears. CBHS showed magnificent spirit as the game commenced and opened up with a very early great try from Kyle Kennedy! The teams were deadlocked and 10 – 10 at half time, but this never brought the CBHS spirit down. The four tries in the second half came towards the end of the match with Russel Davies scoring the last one to seal the victory 24 – 20 with three conversions and a penalty from Richie Robbins.

All in all the day was very successful and exciting, which was well enjoyed by every one. Lets hope CBHS can make it three in a row next year and good luck to all teams for the season ahead!



U14A: CBHS 17 – 11 WFD
U15A: CBHS 0 – 38 WFD
U16A: CBHS 0 – 12 WFD
U19A: CBHS 24 – 20 WFD


U14A: CBHS 7 – 9 WFD
U14B: CBHS 12 – 10 WFD
U19A: CBHS 7 – 21 WFD

Hockey Girls

U16A: CBHS 0 – 6 WFD
U19A: CBHS 0 – 2 WFD
U19B: CBHS 0 – 3 WFD

Hockey Boys

U14A: CBHS 0 – 1 WFD
U16A: CBHS 2 – 2 WFD
U19A: CBHS 0 – 4 WFD

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Welcome everyone, to the new RCL Blog. Hope it gives you all the updated info you need.
The following pupils have been elected by RCL members to hold the following positions:

Secretary - Fabienne Arlotti
Marketing - Nicholas Preen
Recycling - Georgia Brisco
Learner's Voice - Kyle Marais
Internet - Kyle Horn
Vice-Chairperson - Nicola Soekoe
Chairperson - Charlotte Saunders

This term holds many promising ideas as well as projects the RCL have found themselves busy with. A very exciting aspect we started this year with, was the Camps Bay High School Kudu Mascot. It is up and ready for the Derby Day against Westerford High on this Saturday, the 9th of May. The Kudu Mascot will be launched in the Friday Assembly, 8th of May, with a video made by a large group of prefect as well as RCL delegates, explaining the story of our Kudu Mascot including Mr Tucker to add to part of the history.

All the first teams are also getting ready to play in the Derby Day on Saturday, as mentioned earlier. All teams, especially the first team rugby boys have been putting a lot of practice and training hours into their respective sports to get themselves prepared for this big day, hopefully coming away with a final WIN victory!

So, keep in tune with recent updates on the RCL as well as other updates of Camps Bay High School - all right here!